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Exhaust Fumes

Spring Swap Meet

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Winter Gas Up

Snow plows and dog sleds pushed through the snow to clear a path to the site or our gas up. Unaware of a roaring fire in the Neitzels back yard, several members set fire to their mustaches in order to warm numb fingers. Undaunted by these challenges, a large crowd gathered despite the conditions, and by 10AM the sun was out and the snow almost gone. We took advantage of this chance to rummage through John's shop and look at all the treasures tucked here and there. We warmed our bones by the woodstove before heading outside to look at some neat old iron. As always our diets were detroyed by the potluck with stacks of food and goodies. John Corbin was honored for his long service to Early Days and by unanimous proclamation was voted a lifetime member.

Fire pit in the snow Shop talk Spark plugs Chow time

Christmas Party

October Swap Meet

Two dudes sitting Crowd at swapmeet

Thanks to all who participated, buyers are not happy without sellers, and vice versa. We had a good turnout of both at our October Swap Meet.

Kids playing with toys New barn

October Meeting

Meeting room PIC

Thank you to Robin and Mike King for hosting us at their "Yellow Barn" wedding venue in Buckley. This milking parlor and barn was built around 1950 and lovingly remodeled by friends and family. The venue has lots of parking and charm for weddings and other special events and occasions. Several members brought engines and tractors to show and items to swap and sell. There was more food than we could eat, but we tried anyway. That Blackberry Cobbler went down easy! No one took a knee during the flag salute, and the winner of the 50/50 raffle donated it back to the club. Pete Peterson's number was drawn second and he chose the red puzzle. No surprise there. Good to see John Corbin out and about. Thank you to our board and members.

Picture Tractor

Jacob F., age 7 helped bring a McCormick Deering orchard tractor for the gas up. That tractor is way too nice to work in an orchard, and the paint wasn't that nice when it left the factory. Jacob told me it was a 1948 Model 0-6. The O-6 was the orchard version of the OS-6. It weighs 4600 lbs and the International Model C-248 engine developed 37 hp on the belt and 32 at the drawbar.

Two tractors Bulldozer

Eddie Hadaller brought two nice tractors, both built in Canada. A Cockshutt 35 Black Hawk (1956) 43 hp and a Gambles, Farmcrest Model 30. Cockshutt built the Farmcrest tractor for sale in the US through Gambles retail chain stores. It has a 28 hp Buda engine. Neil Andrews brought a nice running Linderman crawler. He fired it up and took it for a spin.

Early tractor Stationary Engine

Not to be outdone, Mike broke out a 1915 Model 1020 Case Crossmotor and Isaac Christensen took it for a spin. It sounds like it could still do a long days work if needed. After a few hiccups, a tweak or two from Mike, and given a little time to warm up the Mogul's exhaust created a soothing rhythm.

Hope to see a lot of you on the 28th at the swap meet.

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April 28th

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