Officers and Board


President: Dale Fye 201 SE Weston Rd., Shelton WA 98584 (360) 426-9299


Vice President: George Rhodes


Secretary: Ben Lyons

Newsletter Editor: April Campbell 201 SE Weston Rd., Shelton WA 98584, (360) 490-8441

Treasurer&Membership: Shirley Miller, Assistant treasurer Buddy, Chaufer Don

Safety Director: Ed Murphy 2030 W Deegan Rd Shelton, WA 98584 (360) 239-2271


Website Frank Stricklin and Katie

Board of Directors Jim Beeler Ken Christensen Brian Edwards Mike Linnel Randy King


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Dale Fye Show Info (360) 426-9299
April Campbell Vendor Sign Ups (360) 490-8441
Questions, Ads: (360) 490-8441

Early Days Gas Engine and Tractor Association