Most of the equipment we operate and work on has exposed rotating parts. These machines were built during an era when "common sense" was taught the hard way. You either learned or were killed. Some of those that were not killed became known as "Lefty" or "Stumpy" and "Hop-A-Long". Old engines and tractors do not have a brain, they need yours to keep things safe.

Irish horse drawn brush mower circa 1850

This horse drawn mower is at Bunratty Manor in Ireland. The operator sat on top of the rotating blades and gear drive was right there waiting for a toe. Modern equipment has many safety improvements over these early designs, but still require thoughtful use.

Steam engine powering lathe power takeoff shaft.

Peat provided fuel to make steam, steam was used to drive piston and the output drove an overhead shaft. Machine shop tools needing power were belted up to the shaft. Many exposed rotating parts required a keen focus on the tasks at hand.

Safety Quotes

Arms work best when attached to the body

Safety Count. 10 fingers, 10 toes, two eyes, one nose

Safety is something that happens between your ears, not something you hold in your hand. Jeff Cooper

Your own safety is at stake when your neighbors wall is ablaze. Horace